Gifted Children Will Repair The World!

Toad has gone a long way since his first poems, and now he is a very good poet. I really liked this piece of his, and more so the ending!

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A loner’s point of view

meditation-6“Why are you so sad?” “Why are you always like that?” (where “that” meant melancholic, sad)

Some persons have asked me these questions, with different wordings. They see me as a very sad person, even though I don’t think that that’s the case. A few posts ago I quoted a person I admire for those words: “Sad is like happy, but for deep people.”

But, the thing is, that I’m not always sad. I just like being alone. I am more of a meditative person, a thinker, rather than someone who rushes to do everything. I like to question and observe and I like to dream. I like being alone with my thoughts.

When I need it, I can disconnect from the “world” and I can be alone in my thoughts. If I do something that I like, I am absorbed by it and I do it with passion. After all, everyone should do what they like.

Few were the times I was exploding with happiness, yet few were the times I was terribly sad. People don’t like winters and autumns, because they are “dead seasons”. But I do like the way they are, quite meditative.

And if it is something that you should remember about me is that I would rather enjoy a long lone walk among autumn’s trees than being with a large group in a summer’s day.

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Book Update #1

I have to read a book for a school project, so this halts my progress with the book I am writing for a little while… I hope that in 2-3 days I will be able to return to writing.

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I got a book! I got a book!















Well, not really, but I am really close! So, I have all these ideas for books, but none were good for a debut book. It got me mad that I didn’t know what to write as a debut book, but, I’m not sure how, I now have an idea. It will be awesome! I will try to make daily updates on the book’s being and whatever else! Thank you guys!

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Mihai Eminescu, the poetic soul of Romania

mihai eminescuToday, 164 years ago, Mihai Eminescu was born, by his name: Mihail Eminovici. He worked as a journalist and he is considered by many the greatest poet Romania ever had. Compared to him, poets like me are just little babies that want a little attention. He represents one of my inspirations and he makes me proud that I am Romanian. Unfortunately he dies at 15th June 1889, at the very young age of 39. I won’t go into details, but he represents the soul of our nation (among some other things…), so I thought to share to you some of his creations, translated. Of course, the translations are just faulty copies of the original in our language. I didn’t make them, so the credit goes to whoever made them…



O mother, darling mother, lost in time’s formless haze
Amidst the leaves’ sweet rustle you call my name always;
Amidst their fluttering murmur above your sacred grave
I hear you softly whisper whenever the branches wave;
While over your tomb the willows their autumn raiment heap…
Forever wave the branches and you forever sleep.


When l shall die, beloved, do not beside me mourn,
But break a branch of blossom that does the lime adorn,
And take it very softly, and plant it at my head;
I’ll feel its shadow growing as on the soil it’s shed;
And watered by the tears that you for sorrow weep…
Forever grow that shadow, and l for ever sleep.

Eve on the hill

Dreary the horn sounds in the eve on the hill,
Sheepflocks return, stars on their way twinkle still,
Watersprings weep murmuring clear, and I see
Under a tree, love, thou art waiting for me.

Holy and pure passes the moon on the sky,
Moist seem the stars born from the vault clear and high,
Longing thine eyes look from afar to divine,
Heaving thy breast, pensive thy head doth recline.

Tired with their toil, peasants come back from the field,
From the old church, labourer’s comfort and shield,
Voices of bells thrill the whole sky high above;
Struck is my heart, trembling and burning with love.

Ah! very soon quietness steals over all,
Ah! very soon hasten shall I to thy call,
Under the tree, there I shall sit the whole night,
Telling thee, love, thou art my only delight.

Cheek press’d to cheek, there in sweet ecstasy we,
Falling asleep under the old locust-tree,
Smiling in dream, seem in a heaven to live,
For such a night who his whole life would not give?

(1885, Translated by P. Grimm)

And should it be together that we shall die one day,
They shall not in some cemetery our separate bodies lay,
But let them dig a grave near where the river flows
And in a single coffin them both together close;
That l to time eternal my love beside me keep…
Forever wails the water, and we for ever sleep.

O remain

“O remain, dear one, I love you,
Stay with me in my fair land,
For your dreamings and your longings
Only I can understand.

You, who like a prince reclining
Over the pool with heaven starred;
You who gaze up from the water
With such earnest deep regard.

Stay, for where the lapping wavelets
Shake the tall and tasseled grass,
I will make you hear in secret
How the furtive chamois pass.

Oh, I see you wrapped in magic,
Hear your murmur low and sweet,
As you break the shallow water
With your slender naked feet;

See you thus amidst the ripples
Which the moon´s pale beams engage,
And your years seem but an instant,
And each instant seems an age.”

Thus spoke the woods in soft entreaty;
Arching boughs above me bent,
But I whistled high, and laughing
Out into the open went.

Now though even I roamed that country
How could I its charm recall …
Where has boyhood gone, I wonder,
With its pool and woods and all ?

(Translated from Romanian by Corneliu M. Popescu)

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Wealth Inequality In America: Perception vs Reality

The American Dream, huh?

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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everybody! I am not used to making those, so I will try to be short. I wish for everybody to have a nice new year and I hope that at least some of your wishes will become reality. If you wish, you can even make new year resolutions, and that’s what I will try:

-Master DF
-Get published
-Begin writing that book that you have dreamed so much about
-End the school with a bang, go to high-school as a much much happier person.
-Tell everybody what you think about them (that’s going to hurt… them :D )

-Learn coding/modding

So, what about you? What are your new year resolutions? I can’t wait to see you guys next time, with a new post.

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