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And here it goes,RP and not only.

Have you ever heard about PlayByPost kind of games? The ones you play on forums? Some time ago I found out a nice site,Role Play Gateway,that lets it’s users do exactly that. After a little research on the subject I found out that doing RP means that someone creates a background,a story and some rules and the other create some characters. They get in the boots of the characters and they become the characters. That’s how they play it. Something like Dungeons and Dragons,but more focused on the story. Much much more! Practically,playing a PbP game means that more fellows are working together to write a story. Please note,this was two years something ago. The first attempt was miserable,but I got better and made this background story:

“It was an abominable heat for a spring in the land of Ghar-Tho. The people were hunting shadows to cool themselves. Even the rivers were dry. The sun wasn’t that big,but the birds clearly weren’t singing their love song anymore. The lovely waterfalls weren’t giving cool water anymore. Why? Why was so hot in the land of Ghar-Tho? It was like lava was flowing in the lands. The whole world of Ghar-Tho,The Fifth Universe,was on stakes:this heat brought sudden death to the animals and the earth was arid. Nothing was the same:the butterflies weren’t showing their beautifully colored wings anymore,the insects where fleeing,the animals dying.
“What should we do?”was the common question. “The ruler is corrupt and won’t help us!”. “We will die in here!”. This was the people’s thinking. If Ghar-Tho was a green realm with lovely sights,big mountains,and very beautiful fauna,it now was degrading. Why you ask? No one knows! The milk wasn’t the same and the villagers could only rip off meat for a dinner from an animal.
The food was meager,or even littler. The payments were smaller and smaller. Riots were ahead. And then,one day,from nowhere,appeared a strange dark elf who said that he had in posses the Luna Crystal. This was the Crystal with which The Master himself sealed his brother into hell. This was the Crystal that kept Ghar-Tho so lively so many years. When the townspeople heard that,they knew that the Crystal was stole from their palace. But the question was how? When the folks rushed into the dark elf,they basically ran through smoke. It was an illusion. But still,very well cast. It was clearly that a master mage was the one who stole the Crystal. “Blasphemy!”the people said. “Of course that you fear what you cannot understand!”the elf said in an evil laughter. And it was true! The folks from the country knew about nothing of magic. “You may fear me,because I am the one who shall destroy you!”said the elf.
After that encounter,the temperature decreased to normal. But even worse,the hell itself was unleashed! If the Crystal shall breake then the equilibrium will be torn,and the Hell’s will be able to breach in the mortal realm. But,as the Crystal was used to seal the Hell away once,it must be used to seal it again. In Ghar-Tho,cracks from which the Hell’s creatures where emerging appeared one by one. They were rising one and one.
“Hear me,hear me!We shall die here today!”said someone.”But there is still hope!”came out of nowhere a Priestess of The Life appeared. “The Master sent us a prophecy: “”In the land of No Man’s Land,there from sand will appear the Luna Crystal once again,but fear the high eared elf because he is the one who shall bring death to you!””!We sent convoys to search for information,but without proper help we shall not find anything,as No Man’s Land is located nowhere and no one knows how to reach it.” “Mother Priestess!We received another prophecy:””The white haired woodsman who shall come from nowhere will find the life again.””,but who is this white haired woodsman?”
“The truth shall emerge from nowhere and so fear the long eared elf!”a coated man appeared. He was wearing a robe all over his body,as you couldn’t describe not even his face. Then he let the hood off:he was a 6 foot 4 inches white haired elf with an avearge of charisma and some good looking physique. But his talent was unknown.
In times of need,when The Master cannot intrude,who shall rise and defeat the evil lords?”

After that I devised a very extensive rules system:

*******************(that’s where some 3 or 4 pages should go,but I don’t want to bore you)
Maybe a little too much? :D Anyway,you can see it here: . Please note that it is no longer open for characters. Maybe I will re open it one day.

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Years of experience travel with a teenager; even though he might or might not want to admit it, if he wants to, he will mature. It's not about how old you are, it's about how much you understand. Of course, I think that I am right and that I always make absolutely perfect sense, but that's probably not the case, and, as I grow, I will find that what I do is just that: nothing more than the ramblings of a teenager. I might touch truth, but there is always more to discover, so don't just take my word for it. Other than that? Keep being awesome, do what you want, don't live someone else's life. See you around!
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